The group of motorbikers, later called Black Kings Slovakia started meeting at the beginning of the year 2000. First there were only occasional meetings, however, step-by-step the meetings and rides became organised. Every time with a slightly different group of members, we started taking part in different reunions, and it is well documented by our Photo-History on our web site. Like this we spent our first three years together.

What happened then was with the strong benefit of our age, and it was that the group members stabilised and finally, at the end of year 2002, there came the proposal to create our proper club. It happened in November in the cottage Inovec, where we agreed on the appellation of Black Kings Slovakia.

For the first time we represented our new colours at the reunion of Zlaté piesky, and the next events were like the Kraken, Vipers Brezúvky, Lopeník Yron-moto, Red Devils etc. Club activity is oriented to the future organisation of our proper reunion. The Club is registered with the SMF- Slovak Motorcycle Federation as well as at the Ministry of Interior as an Incorporated Association. Membership and work for the club is managed according to internal regulations.

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